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Our Mission

SRPS endeavour to mould the building minds with good characters of broad vision to read a useful and purposeful life. We impart sound quality education as well as moral instruction in a calm and peaceful atmosphere. We help the students to become independent and creative thinkers based on co- operation and self awareness. The school has always encouraged their learners to participate in all co-curricular activities according to their skills and talents. Thus we inspire them to develop an integrated and intellectual personality.

Our Vision

Our vision of education is to imbibe the perfect wisdom and all round development. The pupil is trained to draw typical life through basic values such as love , compassion, courage, honesty, good intention and sense of justice and equality. Our main aim is to inspire the pupil to gain IQ and EQ. we enable them to realize the aim of life, the spiritual and religious values. The school animate them to aufait and bonafide (fully competent and made in good faith)

Our Motto

To be a beacon in the path of work

The school endeavours to nourish the children with perfect wisdom and eternal truth. So that a student who comes to learn must learn to live. He must grow to be a beacon or a gleaming lantern in the path of success, prosperity and enlightment. The pupil is taught to promote good deeds in life and become an elegant light to transform the whole world.


In the serenity of the village called Kallur, a CBSE school was a long cherished dream of all the residents over here especially of the parish of St. Raphael’s Church, Kallur East. Under the leadership and initiative of the Vicar, and the co-operation of the people of the church an ambitious project to enable the students to get an education of national and international standard began to materialize. The former Vicar, Msgr. Thomas Thalachira (Late) of Kallur East Church whose mission and vision was the spiritual and worldly upliftment of the people of the Parish, with his courageous efforts could in a very short span of time fruitify the dream of an English Medium public school at Kallur.

With the abundant grace and mercy of God, the epitome of all knowledge and with the innovative ideas and new policies, and administrative acumen of former vicar Very .Rev. Msgr. Thomas Thalachira and the sincere hard work and the increasing co-operation of people of Kallur East Parish, the St. Raphael Public School was established.

Since its inception, the school has to overcome many hardls and setbacks but with determination and courage, and the abundant grace of St. Raphael, under the able leadership of Vicar Rev. Fr. Wilson Pidiyath whose wealth of experience, and the committee members and people of Kallur East Parish leads the school forwards to success.


Our Heavenly Patron

Saint Raphael is the heavenly patron of our school. The angel is regarded as the Healer. As the Book of Tobit says the Archangel was sent by the God to wipe off the tears and lift them up from the onslaught of evil. The festal day is celebrated on Sept.29th. Thy always keep as under the wings giving insight and light. St. Raphael is the Divine radiance emitting cherished inspiration to lead the students to their final goal.