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1. Curriculum

The school follows the curriculum of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) New Delhi.The medium of instruction is English.Students will be assessed through oral and written tests at regular intervals in the form of unit tests, Summative and Formative assessments.

2. Subject Taught

Primary School (I – V) :- English, Malayalam, Hindi, Mathematics, EVS (Std I), Social Science (II – V), Science, Computer, Value Education, General Knowledge. Middle School (Class VI - ) :- English, Malayalam, Hindi, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History & Geography (VI – VII), History, Civics, Geography (VIII), Computer, Value Education, General Knowledge.

Grading System - STD I – VIII

Marks Range Grade
90 - 100 A1 A1 Outstanding
80 – 89 A2 Excellent
70 – 79 B1 Very Good
60 – 69 B2 Good
55 – 59 C1 Very Fair
50 – 54 C2 Fair
45 - 59 D1 Average
40 - 44 D2 Marginal
Below 40 E Needs Attention

4. CCE

The pattern of CCE is based on the evaluation scheme issued as per the directives of CBSE.Classes I to VIII will follow the scheme of CCE to provide a holistic profile of the learner through evaluation of both scholastic and co-scholastic areas spread over two terms in a year.Each term will have two Formative Assessments and one Summative Assessment for evaluation of Scholastic Area.The Formative Assessments will include informal tests, worksheets, quizes, Oral and Visual Tests etc.Summative Assessment is the terminal assessment of the performance at the end of instruction.In addition to scholastic areas, Co-scholastic areas like life skills, attitudes, and values will also be assessed.Promotion is based on the day to day work of the students throughout the year and also on the performance in the terminal examination.

5. Exam Schedule

6. Results

7. CCA & Club

This school provides ample opportunity to all students to develop their multiple intelligence through various co-curricular activities.It is therefore obligatory for every student to participate in one CCA and one club activity.The individual performance of the students is assessed and evaluated to make the CCE more objective and scientific.

The following co-curricular activities are offered to students of std I to VIII on every Friday.They are Classical Dance, Classical Music, Karate, Craft, Yoga and Drawing.

The club activities include Language Club, Social Club, Maths Club and Science Club.